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    Health Care System and Technologies of the Future

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    Envision what the health care system of 2030 might look like. Describe at least two technological advancements that would be available to patients. How would technology help providers make health care decisions? How would patients and families interact with providers from their homes or in their communities? What would health care systems be able to do in "real time"?

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    Start with how far we have come just in the past 5-10 years. Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering have brought about changes such as the use of nanotechnology, nanomedicine, and nuclear medicine. With the Human Genome Project being completed, how is this information going to be used in conjunction with new technologies in the future to ...

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    The future of the health care system will be influenced by technology. Construction of how patients will be treated will be advanced based on proteomics, nanotechnology, and biomedical engineering.