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    Adjunct Teaching: Do the Benefits Outweigh Lower Pay?

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    I want to discuss a very hot button topic that will affect any of you who go on to become adjunct faculty, pay.

    It is true working as an adjunct does not always pay well, especially when you consider the hours but...here are a few things to consider.

    As an adunct you do not have to worry about the following in nursing education:

    Accreditation work
    Scholarly publications
    Creation of curriculum
    Creation of assessment
    Monitoring of assessment
    Evaluation tools (assignments, rubrics etc.)

    As an adjunct you are handed the course. For example here at GCU these courses are fully built for me, I get into the course a few days before post the prayer forum, my welcome messages and announcements a lot of the work is done. Additionally I do not have to hold regular office hours or attend any faculty meetings, graduations, in services or other University requirements for full time faculty. There are generally pay raises based on time, number of courses taught and student feedback results.

    Do you think the benefits outweigh the lower pay?

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    Whether the benefits outweigh the lower pay is hard to determine without taking into account a person's goals and life circumstances. While some of the items listed could be seen as benefits, they also may be challenges. For example, by teaching a course that is already designed ...

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    This solution offers insight into whether the benefits of being an adjunct outweigh the lower pay.