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    Pros & Cons of the Tenure Track System

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    Many faculty seek tenure track positions in universities. What are the pros & cons of a tenure track system? What do faculty need to accomplish in most universities to be granted tenure? Thank you for your help.

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    According to Dictionary.com, tenure-track means "relating to a college- or university-teaching job that can lead to a tenured position."

    Although every student in academics desires to land a tenure-track position because for them it means a life-time position, status in the field, and intellectual freedom, searches to fill these positions have been rapidly becoming more competitive as the number of teaching jobs dwindles. Before we discuss on the pros and cons of a tenure-track position, let us define another term which is also relevant in this study: Adjunct position which is the temporary and unstable amount of teaching classes given to an individual. In a way, an adjunct position is the opposite of tenure-track in the sense that tenure-track is more permanent than the adjunct position.

    We have already mentioned the following advantages of ...

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    The solution explains the pros & cons of the tenure track system and the requirements that faculty need to accomplish to be granted tenure in most universities. References included.