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    Rural Areas and Script Doctors

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    Also, in rural areas I have seen first-hand where patients are prescribed medications such as e.g. hydrocodone, Xanax and many other similar type drugs for an injury or anxiety or mental health conditions (commonly referred to as scripts doctors). No other information is provided to combat or alleviate these ailments. Rather the number of medications are increased over time and patients become dependent on these which have negative impacts (e.g. effects on their liver and mental health deterioration). In my opinion, health, 360, where stakeholders, labs, and employees are now partners with the use of technology by tracking health to provide information to individuals which encourages them to better manage their health and be accountable for positive change. In doing so, their quality of life is increased and the company's bottom line profitability (e.g. lower health costs for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, better attendance by employees taking less sick days). Rural areas may not be able to attract the primary care doctors rather with technology and awareness program programs offered to attract the best and the brightest for their companies.

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    In over 30 states, legislation has been passed requiring face-to-face exams before doctors can write prescriptions, which is a prohibitive factor in attraction primary care physicians who could rely upon technology such as tele-medicine to address the significant physician shortages that ...

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