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    Cities Healthcare versus Rural Areas Healthcare

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    Mal-distribution is due to more doctors selecting a specialization rather than primary health care and that this greatly due to the income generated by a more population in cities rather than a rural area (e.g. more people equals more income along with access to the latest technology).

    I, concur with the above statement; however, how can the scales be tipped or are they currently being tipped to some degree so doctors, are incentivized to practice in rural areas? How can the gap in disparities be equitable out in these rural areas versus the city? Quality health care needs to be just, fair, available and accessible in rural areas? Or is this unrealistic due to bottom line profitability.

    A hospital in Bowie, TX, is closing due to their inability to be cost-effective and they do turn patients away whom do not have health insurance. Many of the people residing in Bowie, TX, are fourth generation parties whom literally have not ever been outside of this town. Even with the internet they are still unaware of progress and it is denied them because they do not have the ability to pay and just do not know what they do not know. The closet hospital is 30 minutes in Decatur and they too turn you away if you have no insurance UNLESS you are pregnant. I personally know of many cases where people have been turned away with serious symptoms. Parker Hospital is the only hospital that accepts parties with no insurance. With this said, "Many people in these rural areas do not know enough to get the help they need and take the word of first hospital they go to and go home in pain which becomes worse and in some cases has led to death.

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    The lack of primary care doctors in rural areas is a pandemic across the country. The lack of quality healthcare access for rural patients is another issue that hasn't sufficiently been addressed by the healthcare industry. Rural residents and those who live in poor urban areas are unable to receive the necessary preventative treatment that could stem many of the significant ...

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    The solution examines cities healthcare versus rural areas healthcare. MAL-Distribution of more doctors selecting a specialization rather than primary health care is determined.