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    Health care access in rural areas

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    More than an estimated 22 million rural Americans live in a federally designated area of primary health care provider shortage. How does this affect access to care in rural areas? Do you think technology can be useful for this population? What types of technology may make health care more accessible?

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    Individuals who reside in rural areas may not take their own health care as seriously if it is too difficult to access proper services. Emergency care centers have become more important medical way stations for rural communities, and I have personally seen an increase of these types of emergency rooms without the hospital attached.

    One way that Kaiser Permanente (a health care insurance provider) uses to help patients ...

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    This solution looks at the limited access to health care services experienced by those in rural areas. It also describes the role of technology in supplementing the care that is available, examining how it makes health care more accessible and addressing its limitations.