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Health Issues and Outcomes

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Focus on at least two child and adolescent health issues or health outcomes that may be impacted by health policy.

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Health issues and outcomes are examined. Two child and adolescent health issues or health outcomes that may be impacted by health policy is determined.

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(1) Adolescent sexuality and health policies

Adolescence is the transition from childhood beginning from 10 to 12 years of age and ending at the period of 18 to 22 years of age. In relation to childhood, adolescence is a period of increasing autonomy, societal demands, and peer relations (Prencipe, Kesek, Cohen, Lamm, Lewis, & Zelazo 2011). Thus, adolescents experience various psychological problems and behavioral symptoms associated with this transition. For instance, adolescents become stressful over concerns such as physical appearance, identity, peer relations and sex. Therefore, health issues among adolescents that could be impacted by health policy include teenage sexuality. Two Public health policies designed to address adolescent sexuality are the Adolescent Health and Development and Adolescent Sexual Health Policy Projects that are designed to enhance the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents. The Center for Research on Adolescent Health and Development (CRHD) and its Adolescent Sexual Health (ASHP) projects pursue an integrated program of research, training, and advocacy in adolescent sexual health and rights, with two primary goals: (1) to promote better sex education and communication for youth and their parents, with special attention to the health and needs of vulnerable populations, (2) the second goals is to provide a foundation for social science research and practice.

The policies attached to the health programs include: (1) No time for complacency Policy Advocacy, Initiative (NTFC), policy to educate policy makers and opinions on ...

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