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US Health Care Profitability

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Reviewing the investment potential in American healthcare.

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As a result of the supreme court decision and projected changes in health care in the United States, many in the industry have moved on in preparation for change. Profits have already been recorded (http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20120721/BIZ/207210324)

Just as schools are also now faced with system-wide overhaul, the healthcare industry must streamline for profit. In each industry, those part that are not effective and efficient will be dismissed and and success with profits will continue to be the focus.

There are niches and communities that are progressive-thinking and capable of moving in this direction. New doctors are already prepared to work within the team mindset, and know they must be right and they must be good or they will not make it in the new industry.

It definitely depends a lot on the region. If, for example, one were to choose the city of Detroit, where the population has declined by 25% in recent years, with the lack of tax payers and revenue-producers, it will be more difficult than in educated and wealthy communities or suburbs of the city of Detroit. But, if the community or region is where young people are migrating to or baby boomers with a healthy mindset frequent, it could have potential.

Working toward a specialty and creating a reputation of excellence for those areas is smart business. Also, with regard to technology investment, getting top of the line equipment for prenatal would be smart. Working with mothers and families and with a fresh start could have long-term value. Offering compelling and unique education to promote prevention early, and stage a healthy foundation with prevention and screening, would keep the costs of emergency room and urgent care at a minimum.

Starting the presentation with the outlook of hope and prosperity is invaluable. Then, drawing attention to the reality of the moment and present ...

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Reviewing present healthcare that is profiting in the US and strategies for financial success is discussed.

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