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Uninsured: Health Care Industry and Stakeholders' Views

Businesses feel the consequences of the uninsured problem:
Not only do health care costs reduce our nations ability to compete in the global market place, but also the loss of productivety due to inllness or injury is a concern of any business.
1)How do you evaluate the problem of the uninsured from a stakeholder perspective? Answer by describing the issue based on the topic/content/change in 2 to 3 sentences.
2)What is the healthcare industry perspective on the issue over the next three years? Look a the topic, individually, from a cost, quality and access point of view and then summarize the overall industry perspective. Answer in 1 paragraph.

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1) How do you evaluate the problem of the uninsured from a stakeholder perspective?

The uninsured costs our country a nominal amount of money every year. Without healthcare insurance individuals can't go to the doctor. That in turn translates to illnesses, leading to these individuals having to stay home from school or work until they get better. Also, unfortunately, these same individuals are also more likely to get sick over and over. Therefore, from a stakeholder's perspective, I would want all employees to have access to healthcare in order to increase production.

2) What ...

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From a stakeholder's perspective, the problem of the uninsured can create undesirable burden to work process. The healthcare industry tries to predict how the issue will be addressed over the next 3 years.