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Health Insurance Coverage of Different Demographics

1. Discuss the sources of health insurance coverage in your home state, or any state of your choosing, for the following groups:
- Seniors age 65 and above
- Children under age 18
- Low-income families with at least one child, whose family income is below 133% of the Federal Poverty Level
- The self-employed
- Employees of large companies (more than 100 employees)
- Employees of small business
- Part-time, temporary, and seasonal employees
- The unemployed
- College students

2. Discuss whether the groups listed above need to contribute to the premiums of their health insurance.

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1. Below I have given you the link to the 2011 census for the United States on poverty and health insurance. It covers who is insured based on age, family status, income level, employment status, race, etc. So, it is quite comprehensive and should provide you with all of the data that you wish. However, it is for the entire nation as a whole, instead of a specific state. The trends will most likely be similar in each state.

Couple Highlights:
- seniors: 1.7% uninsured
- children under age 18: 9.4% uninsured
- low-income families (less than $25000): 25.4% uninsured (though the only 13.6% of the ...

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