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Reasons for Clinton Health Reform Failure

Why was the Clinton administration not successful in implementing a national health care program?

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The economic conditions were different in the 90s and at that time the health care industry did not want to lose power or revenue. The industry fought the White House proposal before it had a chance to percolate. The concept of universal health care was frowned upon in that era. But now, with more than 50 million people who do not have health care coverage, due to higher unemployment and economic challenges, the health care coverage for the uninsured is a much more widespread problem. This is contrasting 37 million uninsured Americans a decade ago. Regretfully, these statistics do NOT include those who have been out of work for an extended amount of time and are no longer on the radar and considered unemployed.

The public and the policy makers did not like the idea of a ...

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In the 90s the health care industry fought the White House proposal. Universal health care popularity was not as necessary as it is now.

The medical community had a strong opinon about reimbursement.