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    Management Theories And The Field Of Healthcare

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    What are management theories and how do they help or hinder the working atmosphere in the field of healthcare?

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    There are many different management theories that have been developed over the years. Theories that have been tested, critiqued, and adjusted to meet the needs of an ever-changing business environment. Bureaucratic management is structured and based on rules and records with employees set on specified career paths based on their technical training and competencies, but this type of management can become overwhelmed with rules and red tape. Scientific management focuses on the "one best way" to do a job and based on the time and motion niceties of a job, a more efficient procedure is developed and new training provided for employees, but the social aspects of employees were ignored with this theory. The administrative principles approach focuses on the entire organization with a chain of authority being established with unity of command and direction allowing similar activities in an organization to be grouped under one manager and division of work allowing specialization within a field. The humanistic perspective was developed to emphasize human needs, behaviors, and attitudes in the workplace which lead to management techniques based on motivation, leadership, teamwork, and conflict management (Daft, 2010, p. 38). All of these management concepts can be applied in any number of fields with some overlapping each other to provide the most equitable, efficient, and employee-geared business model ...