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Ideas for creating a community health social market

This job offers some assistance with the overview of community health plan and how to get started:

Community Health Social Marketing Program: Prepare a presentation for a social marketing plan for deployment and evaluation of the suggested community health initiative.
Overview of Community Health Plan
Discuss role of Social Marketing in Community Health Projects
Specify two measurable outcomes to determine success of the projects
Suggest at least two formative and two summative evaluation strategies to monitor success of the project
Emphasize at least two reasons for use of evaluation methodologies
Project the impact of project success on public health policy
Include at least four current references

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First, I HAVE done this work, at the peak of the teen pregnancy prevalence timeframe in history (shy of the free condom aspect of the post), in a major urban US city.

Where I always start is with the simple writing piece of WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW?

Who: ??? What comes to me with this question is WHO specifically is the target population? Sure, you could say teens. But WHAT teens?? Hispanic? Native American? African American? Arabs? I've worked with pretty much all populations.

WHO: In some communities, like where there is a prevalence of traditional/conservative sects, the marketing might have to be cleverly staged.

Are there known data that support the initiative? How can that be integrated into the ...

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Ideas are listed to create a community health social marketing program