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    Formulating policy changes to help improve health

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    I am interested in the topic of the "older adult" and would like some help in ideas of formulating policy changes to help improve the health, function and quality of life of older adults. I selected the topic under www.healthypeople.gov. Use of national and or international news would be helpful. They are the fastest growing age group, and I need help in discussing management of chronic conditions and their converting to Medicare for their health care. Help me to describe actions as a community health nurse, I could take in formulating policy changes to help promote the older adult. Please provide references

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    One policy change that could be utilized in order to help to promote the health and well-being of older adults, is including reduced or free membership to health clubs as a part of the Social Security programs, or the independent health insurance that these individuals have, due to the fact that regular physical activity has been shown to provide a great deal of benefits to seniors in relation to happen them to maintain and increase their levels of health and vitality. In addition, a community nurse could instrumental in formulating a policy in which community centers provided times of the day that were set aside strictly for seniors, so that these individuals could congregate and socialize, as well as engage in the playing of games and other activities. By having times to ...