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    Human Resource Management's Effect on Stakeholders

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    Please explain the implications of this problem for the "stakeholders" of the organization. Please give special emphasis on how this problem affects the "patients" as stakeholders of this organization.

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    The problem of effectively handling human resources can have a myriad of problems for the stakeholders of the organization, and these problems can affect a ride variety of the stakeholders of the organization in a wide variety of ways, and the major problem is that if human resources are not handled effectively, the organizational efficiency will tend to suffer immeasurably, and when the organization has declined, the effectiveness and profitability of the organization would tend to decline as well. The decline in the effectiveness and profitability of the organization will have a detrimental effect on all of the stakeholders of the organization, due to the fact that the stakeholders have a vested interest in profitability of the organization as a whole. Stakeholders tend to take losses in relation to their investment in a given organization, when the organization has decreased in its profitability in any manner, and this is even true of nonprofit healthcare organizations, due to the fact that these organizations also depend on the organization being profitable in a manner that will facilitate the development of the funding that is needed for ...

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