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Healthcare information system

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1. How important do you think management's influences are to the information technology use at an organization (healthcare or any other type of organization)? Should they have more or less influence? Why?

2. Who do you think (customers, patients, doctors, stockholders, etc.) benefits most from a technology driven data management system? How do they benefit?

3. How do you think financial gains are realized as a result of the utilization of the data management technology in a healthcare organization?

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I answer this from the perspective of more than 30 years of experience in different health- & sick-care organizations, governemental, civilian, military, corporate, private and my own private practice. I have also more than 20 years experience with information & computer technology.

1. By definition management IS management. Management is supposed to manage = run the organization. However that can not be done in a vacuum. Management MUST rely on the expertise and experience that exist on different levels of the organization. In doing so one must distinguish between this expertise in the actual work that is being done and in information technology (which may be close to zero). So management ...