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Health Care Case Study

Write an imaginary case study for your patient. Explain how the patient moved through the healthcare delivery system. With respect to the costs you calculated last week, describe how the patient will pay for the cost of treatment.

Analyze the healthcare delivery system as illustrated in this case. What problems did you notice? Would some people find it difficult to pay for treatment? Are there areas where treatment for this illness is not available or unaffordable to the common person?

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Patient A goes into the emergency room with a sprained ankle. She signs in with registration and provides demographic and insurance information so she can be registered into the hospital system. Patient A is informed that she will be triaged shortly. She is triaged 20 minutes later. The triage nurse asks basic questions regarding her health and her current condition. The patient is then moved to a bed in the ER. Patient A's nurse asks more basic questions regarding her history and tries to make her comfortable until the doctor arrives. The doctor shows up and examines Patient A's injury. The doctor decides that x-rays will be needed to determine of the ankle is broken. Pain medication is administered to the ...

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The solution is comprised of a non-factual case study that explains the healthcare delivery system. The individual in the case study in un-funded and has no insurance. The study explains the individuals experience as they moved through the healthcare delivery system.