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    GE Healthcare Ethical Concerns in Developing Nations

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    Could you help me determine two specific ethical issues that General Electric (GE) Healthcare faced when implementing its strategy to introduce low cost diagnostic equipment to developing countries. Recommend two (2) actions that GE can take to resolve these ethical issues.

    Help analyzing the concepts of professional and applied ethics and determine whether GE Healthcare breeched these concepts in the development of its low cost alternatives for diagnostic medical equipment. Provide one specific example to support your rationale.

    Help me determine whether GE Healthcare has any responsibility in resolving the issue of a preference for male children in cultures where its diagnostic ultrasound products are sold. Recommend one strategy that would enable GE Healthcare to balance its responsibility of continued growth and development with any ethical or moral concerns investors and human rights groups might have regarding the use of its equipment in controlling the birth rates of male children in some cultures.

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    One very important ethical issue that General Electric healthcare faced when implementing its strategies to introduce diagnostic equipment to developing countries was the issue of female feticide in some of these developing countries, such as China and India. This is due to the fact that these cultures socially and economically value males more than they do females in many respects, largely due to the fact that males can carry on the family name, as well as to contribute more financially to the family. One very important action that GE can take to resolve this ethical issue, is to help to ensure that all of the ultrasound equipment/diagnostic equipment, is accompanied by warnings that it is illegal to utilize this equipment in order to determine the sex of children before childbirth, and that individuals that violate this legal and ethical standard, will be subject to sanctions by the governments of the countries. This warning should be placed on the boxes of all diagnostic equipment that will be shipped to countries in which the governments have outlawed the utilization of diagnostic equipment is a means by which to determine the sex of a child before birth, for purposes of deciding whether or not to terminate the pregnancy. Another very important ethical issue ...

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