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Business Review - St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center

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I am currently working on a Business reveiw of St. Joseph's Hosptial and Medical Center

My business review needs to include the following information:

? Geographic Service Area
? Area demographics and trends
? Estimated percent of service population with private insurance
? Estimated percent of private insured in managed care
? Estimated percent of service population with some form of government nsurance
? Number and type of competitors
? Number of physicians in service area and their specialties

? Range of services provided
? Number of beds total and by type
? Marketing thrust and level-of-effort

Accreditation and Care Quality
? JCAHO/NCQA accreditation history
? Patient Satisfaction Measures
? State licensure classification or type
? Formal affiliations with education institutions
? Risk Management, Utilization Review and Compliance programs
? Awards and recognition for care quality

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By responding to the business review outline, this solution assists in a business review of St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center. References and supplementary articles on St Joseph's Hospital are provided.