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    Values, Culture & Formations of Long-term Goals

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    When looking at a company, what is the importance of values and corporate culture on the formations of its long-term objectives? Please go into detail.

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    The vision and mission statements of an organization represent the long-term goals of the organization as well as imply what the organization values (e.g., providing compassionate care implies that they value quality, and also compassionate treatment to the patents represents the value: respect for the dignity of the patient). Most organizations expand the mission and or vision statements into a list of values (see Example 1 below), which are part of the corporate culture, and intended to guide ALL organizational behavior. The organization might list specific long-terms goals as well; and the same relation applies. The long-term goals reflect the values and beliefs of the organization, and the values and beliefs are part of the corporate culture.

    So, what is corporate culture? At its most basic, it's described as the personality of an organization, or simply as "how things are done around here." It guides how employees think, act, and feel. Corporate culture is a broad term used to define the unique personality or character of a particular company or organization, and includes such elements as core values and beliefs, corporate ethics, and rules of behavior (http://www.quintcareers.com/career_doctor_cures/corporate_culture.html). These values are intended to guide organization behaviors, which are part of the corporate culture (e.g., value the dignity of human beings <- long-term goal: provide compassionate, sensitive care to our patients  corporate culture is one of compassion and caring).

    Let's look at an example to explore this relationship more fully, paying close attention to the values present in the vision statement, and the values are reflected both in the long-term goal and ...

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    When looking at a company, this solution discusses in detail the importance of values and corporate culture on the formations of its long-term objectives.