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    VO2 Max Field Test: Lab including Results

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    Hi, I need help with using one of the field VO2 max tests to perform on someone, and then write an introduction, methodology, results and conclusion section.

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    VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen consumed by a subject in milliliters in one minute per kilogram of body weight. It is measured during intense exercise. The higher a subject's VO2 max, the better his or her capacity to perform sustained exercise. The more oxygen an athlete can use during exercise, the longer the athlete can keep producing enough ATP to meet the demands of the activity. VO2 max is considered (one of) the best indicators of cardiorespiratory fitness.

    VO2 max can be measured through various tests, the most accurate performed in a sports performance laboratory with stringent protocols to insure accuracy. Specific increases in exercise speed and intensity are executed, while the volume and oxygen concentration of the athlete's inhaled and exhaled air is measured. This determines how much oxygen the athlete is consuming. VO2 max is the point oxygen consumption plateaus, even if the exercise intensity is increasing. ...

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    This solution describes how to perform a field VO2 max test on someone, and includes an introduction, methodology, results, and conclusion section.It includes a formatted lab and results. APA formatted references are included.