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Sustainable business ethics

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Economics, Ecology and Ethics are the three pillars of the Next Industrial Revolution (Desjardins, 2006). In your own words, define each pillar and explain how the three relate to the Sustainable Business Paradigm.

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Sustainable Business Ethics

Why is it important to view the environment through an economic lens? The main reason is because nature is economically invisible and everything that comes from it - nutrients, fresh water, forests, fields, new discoveries of medicine - comes for free (Sukhdev, 2011). Economics is the exchange of assets among people and businesses. The assets can be money in exchange for goods and/or services any of the permutations of sales or bartering that are conceivable.
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3 paragraphs discussing the interplay of economics, ecology and ethics.

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Sustainable ethics

1. According to a study done in 2006 by LRN Consulting, 70% of Americans will not purchase products or services from a company with a reputation for questionable ethics. Based on LRN's "Five Steps to Building a Sustainable Ethics and Compliance Process", present an argument to the head of a major bank or financial trading firm of how not having a prevailing culture of ethics will ultimately lead to lower profits.

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