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Health Care and Disease Prevention

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Should healthcare organizations develop disease prevention strategies? Why or why not? Do you think ethically it is their responsibility?

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The responsibility of healthcare organizations developing disease prevention strategies is discussed.

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The term 'healthcare organization' is rather vague, in modern times. Specialization is becoming so common now that some might argue that prevention (or health education) is not in their mission or within the range of their responsibilities. Many very good doctors are so booked and busy they don't have the time for long discussions. They may stay with topics of their expertise or refer to other professionals.

A good doctor will splice in a comment about known preventive measures and can be very effective in the teachable moment. A for-profit hospital may offer health education for marketing purposes but know that their buck comes from the expensive procedures. However, the public is much more educated now than ever before and lawyers lurk around, as well. If a doctor or hospital deliberately omits important preventative narrative, he or she could be liable for the failure to discuss important patient options. Patients may also come to ...

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