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Alternative Medicine Delivery System

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What changes to the infrastructure would be necessary to allow these alternative systems to prosper?

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Regarding alternative medicine delivery systems, this solution discusses the necessary changes to the infrastructure to allow these alternative systems to prosper.

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1. What changes to the infrastructure would be necessary to allow these alternative systems to prosper?

In the article: An Alternative Approach to Healthcare Reimbursement: Foundations for a New System, the authors (August M. Watanabe, MD; Ronald W. Dollens, BPharm, MBA; William N. Malatestinic, PharmD; Robert A. Browne, MD, 2004, from http://circ.ahajournals.org/cgi/content/full/109/12/1456) propose a new approach to healthcare reimbursement, one that judges healthcare interventions and innovation not just on the basis of fiscal cost but also in terms of value, as measured from a system, patient, and societal perspective. This dictates that we consider health care as an investment and evaluate products and services in terms of their return on investment. Using this approach, healthcare management would focus on improving the timeliness and manner of care delivery to optimize the resulting clinical, quality-of-life, and economic outcomes. Cost control would result not from delaying or limiting access and controlling unit costs but from avoiding unnecessary or inappropriate interventions and encouraging quality care.

Necessary Infrastructure Changes

This approach would require dramatic changes in how we pay for health care and what we pay for. In short, the reimbursement system would need to directly reward specific provider and patient behaviors that it wants to encourage, including those that target prevention. Reimbursement to providers would ...

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