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    Intervention Plan for Alcohol-Free A College Community

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    Need assistance in developing a community intervention plan that would address alcohol-free options that would promote a healthy college campus environment that could be presented to city government.

    The paragraph must include:

    a. A realistic, sufficiently detailed and evidence based action plan that the city could feasibly implement
    b. Provides specific citations of the evidence that supports how and why this guidance will help them have better health outcomes in their community

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    Community Intervention Plan for Alcohol-free options on College Campuses

    This author did the very thing the poster is looking for with FIPSE federal government funding. Campus leaders met with other college leaders of drug-free programs in Washington DC and exchanged success stories.
    Some activities that were facilitated follow.

    - Program involving community other institutes of higher learning and sharing funding for ...

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    Intervention plan for college drug-free communities is discussed.