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    Police and Alcoholism

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    Although, suicide is three times greater in police officers than the national average, I believe alcohol abuse is a more likely response to stress. Primarily, because a large number people of legal drinking age consume alcohol casually to relax from a stress. So it would seem to be more of a natural recourse that progresses. Research suggests that well over a quarter of policing officials are alcohol-dependent and they may be many more because of a lack of reporting (Cross, 2004). Intervention and prevention program are key to taking care of those sworn to serve and protect. They are not able to do their jobs if they are mentally sick, so in essence, they have to be served and protected as well. As the saying goes, "Even motivator needs motivating sometimes." What are your thoughts?

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    Alcoholism and the Police

    According to Genovese (2012), "Alcohol abuse among police officers is a serious and widespread problem, with some studies estimating that it afflicts one-quarter of all police officers in the U.S. Research has revealed a strong connection between occupational stress and alcohol and drug abuse, but also a strong sub-cultural more among police officers that encourages drinking both for social and stress-reduction purposes." In a profession subject to a host of stressors, and in a culture where alcohol consumption is seen as a normal past time, a way of socialising, and at the same time, a temporary reprieve from the stressors of life, addiction to its consumption is almost an inevitability among police officers who misuse it as a way of relaxing or escaping from their issues and ...

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