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Characters from Madame Bovary

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Please Identify each of the following Characters from Madame Bovary.
1. Monsieur Bournisien
2. Monsieur Tuvache
3. Madame Lefrancois
4. Lestiboudois
5. Binet
6. Felicite
7. Madame Rollet
8. Hippolyte
9. Monsieur Rouault
10. Monsieur Guillaumin

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The solution identifies characters from Madame Bovary.

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1. Monsieur Bournisien

Bournisien is the priest at Yonville. He is the stereotype of a rural priest.

2. Monsieur Tuvache

Tuvache is the Yonville mayor.

3. Madame Lefrancois

Mme. Lefrancois is the proprietor of the Lion d'Or inn (Yonville inn).

4. Lestiboudois

Lestiboudois is the sexton at ...

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