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    Madame Bovary: Realism, Symbolism and Detail

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    1. Identify Four Characteristicts of Nineteenth Century Realism, and show how these are dealt with in Madame Bovary?

    2. What is the importance of the "clubfoot episode" in Madame Bovary? What do we learn from the actions of thte participants and from Flaubert's style of using detail?

    3. Discuss the Sybolism of wedding bourquets (both Emma's and the first Madame Bovary's) in Madame Bovary?

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    1. Identify four characteristics of nineteenth century realism, and show how these are dealt with in Madame Bovary?
    <br>Flaubert makes use of several concepts in Realism. Most of the literature created during the nineteenth century was influence by the philosophers; notably, Rousseau and Voltaire among these. A great deal of Rousseau's philosophy is based upon his belief that we are the product of our environment. This is a predecessor of realism. Rousseau gave credence to self-reliance and added great detail to literary writing.
    <br>1. One of the major concepts used in Madame Bovary is "stream of consciousness." This is a literary concept that gives us the view as if we are inside the person narrating. It is used very effectively to create the heightened emotions of Madame Bovary. Flaubert uses this ...