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Gustav Flaubert

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These questions are emphasized:

In "A Simple Heart" by Gustav Flaubert

"A Simple Heart" in some ways is about dissatisfaction with society and its pressures. The country is a place of retreat, of failure and pettiness. A fascinating world beckons the youth in Flaubert's story just as it does the youth of today. Victor joins a ship and goes to Cuba to find excitement and adventure. Felicite has not such desire to escape the life she leads, and great historical events pass without thought or concern for her. Is this what constitutes her "simplicity"?

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Characters and themes are explored in "A Simple Heart" by Gustav Flaubert.

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As you locate instances of Felicite's simplicity and where she described as being simple, you might note that her characterization of being so hardworking and pure, leads to her "simplicity." She is even described as "like a wooden doll driven by clock-work" in terms of work ethic and devotion to her duties. Since she lives an ordinary life, she seems so plain.

As you further assess what kind ...

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