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    The Colored Soldiers" poem

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    1) Who is the audience for this poem, "The Colored Soldiers"?

    2) How might this poem have been received by its intended audience? How do we know this? (Based on what lines in the poem?)

    3) What is the significance of this poem?

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    1. His target audience seems to be the American public (and the government a bit) as he poetically reiterates using both standard English and the dialect of African Americans the brave plight of African American before and during the Civil War.

    Dunbar seems to address the American citizens' hesitation in allowing black troops to participation as he suggests, "In the early days you scorned them, And with many a flip and flout Said "These battles are the white man's, And the whites will ...

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    The Colored Soldiers" poem is examined in terms of audience and purpose. Textual evidence is presented.