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    Southwest Airlines: Organizational Culture Profile

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    Question 1
    Which are the dimensions of the Southwest Airlines organizational culture, using the OCP model (Organizational Culture Profile)? Please make sure to identify two or more dimensions.

    Question 2
    Who is responsible for creating the Southwestern Airlines organizational culture?

    Question 3
    How is the culture maintained and fostered at Southwestern Airlines?

    Question 4
    Do you think there is a strong relationship between Southwestern Airlines successs and its culture?

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    The Effects of Organizational Culture on the Organization's Workforce:

    ? Culture
    ? A Warrior Spirit
    ? Leading with a Servants heart
    ? Fun-loving Attitude
    ? Values
    ? Invention
    ? Eminence
    ? Community
    ? Positivity
    ? Courtesy
    ? Strength of Organizational Culture
    ? Performance indexes
    ? #1 Fortune Magazine "Best Companies of 500 to Work for in America"
    ? Profitable for over 30 years
    ? Culture Committee
    ? Employee Volunteer Lead
    ? Committed to "whatever it takes"

    Southwest airlines defines it's culture as "a warrior spirit, leading with a servant's heart, and a fun-loving attitude" (McGee-Cooper, Trammell, & Looper, 2008, p. 49). These values are kept alive by the dedication, minds, and hard work, and dedication of its employees (McGee-Cooper, Trammell, & Looper, 2008). Organizational culture "focuses on the deeply embedded patterns of organizational behavior and the shared values, assumptions, beliefs, or ideologies that members have about their organization or its work" ...

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