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An Image's Representation of the Titan Themis and her Relation to Humankind

Visit the image gallery at http://www.pantheon.org and other websites to find an image, such as a painting, sculpture, or architectural representation of a mythological divinity and give the title, the artist, the source you retrieved it from, and a brief description.

What does the image represent from the myth it is based on?
How does the image represent the god's relationship to humankind?

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Let's keep to the Titans for the sake of simplicity; in this case, the female Titan, Themis. Here is a photo spread about the restoration of a statue of her.:
Picture 06 is the one of her totally restored.

Here's another ancient statue done by the sculptor Chairestratos roughly in the third century BC:

So, who is she?
She is the model of the women used to represent justice.
Her specific function (again, typical of the Titans) were to give their civilization a sense or order and peace.
Both Zeus and Poseidon ...

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The image's representation of the Titan Themis and her relation to human kind is determined.