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Analyzing Eugene O'Neill's Work

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Critically analyze the work of Eugene O'Neill by researching his plays and his motivations for writing them.

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This excerpt provides an annotated bibliography for students who may be having a difficult time finding supporting information and resources when authoring a general paper on Eugene O'Neill and his writing.

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Michael Dash, author of "Haiti and the United States: National Stereotypes and Literary Imagination," applauds Eugene O'Neill for the message he conveys through "Emperor Jones," whose illusory visions expose how the haunting effects of slavery have not only heavily impacted the African/Afro-ameripean race, but also those who are responsible for provisioning the brute cogency of the trade. To the same degree, O'Neill uses the realistic format of the manuscript, and scenery displayed in the movie, to present an ulterior perspective of Haiti, and exemplify romantic racialism by expounding on the force, and motivation behind the deaths of countless individuals. Through these mediums, he is able to prove that culture should be determined by history and environment rather than race. Furthermore, one can also infer that the "use of Haitian themes to depict a journey into the forest of the unconscious is a ...

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