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    Transformation of Main Characters in 'Mourning Becomes Electra'

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    This excerpt gives you an overview of Mourning Becomes Electra and discusses some of its underlying themes. If you're looking for an entry that will give you great ideas about what to write your paper on, this download is for you. Expand any one of the topics mentioned and you will be well on your way to submitting a great paper.

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    The striking similarities that the characters have to each other in Mourning Becomes Electra seems so unreal. Orin resembles Ezra, Ezra resembles his grandfather and Brant resembles his father. Each character turns into the person that they struggle to conquer. I infer that the reason why each character sees a resemblance of themselves in those who they don't want to become is because they are already that person. They struggle to keep the mirrored reflections that they see bottled up. This denial drives them crazy and brings out their dark side. What each character fears in their alterego seems to be finding fault within themselves. Even though Lavinia abhors her mother, it is apparent that she desires to have her mother's power to entrance people. She also envies her beauty.

    Peter- (stammers) Vinnie! I-I thought you were-! I can't realize it's you! You've grown so like your-I mean you've changed so- and we weren't looking for you until-

    Lavinia- (laughing softly) Yes. You're the same old Peter! You're still afraid of me. But you mustn't be now I know I used to be an awful old stick, but- (390).

    Through the portrayal of the mother, Christine, it is proven that beauty is only skin deep. Before Lavinia is transformed ...

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    Duty, death, transformation, and confrontation are all themes present in Eugene O'neill's Mourning Becomes Electra. This paper touches on several examples present in this reading that explain the context behind the characters and why they react a certain way to life's situations.