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    Issues with the use of Social Media in Public Schools

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    Identification of two or three potential barriers to effective integration of E-mail, Social Networking and Internet Blogs in a K-12 Classroom.
    Detailed overview of each barrier and its contributing factors.
    Detailed overview of strategies for overcoming each potential barrier.
    Supporting references for each proposed strategy.

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    First of all, I would see access to the internet as the largest barrier to using these technologies in the classroom. If a school is not wired or it does not have enough equipment for each student to use (or group of students) then trying to integrate these things into instruction would not work. While having a few computers or tablets for the students to use is better than nothing, in a class of 25 kids, having only 5 machines isn't going to do anything for them. Since using these technologies is a hands-on effort, using the teacher computer and a projector to show the screens up on the board also will not work.

    To overcome this barrier, obviously the teacher has very little control. It is a completely financial one that is regulated by the Board of Ed. and the local town. As a teacher, make suggestions every year to the appropriate people (tech coordinator, principal, and even ...

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    This response details a couple of issues that arise when students use the internet and other electronic technologies in the classroom. It offers a few opinions as to how they can be regulated and provides two three references for additional research.