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Mediated Communications in Organizations

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With mediated communication and social media influences such as; emails, blogging, Facebook, Skype etc. It seems they have played a major part in altering how organizations engage in communications with its customers and employees. Can someone explain/provide examples how mediated communications has improved and/or hurt organizational communications?

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Mediated communication literally involves any communication that uses technology as the main method to communicate. As soon as there is a computer or another electronic device involved, we can consider the communication a mediated communication. The social media sites listed, such as facebook, blogging, Skype, and so forth have played a large role in expanding the mediated communications platform. Through blogs, companies can communicate with customers. Some companies have internal blogs set up, that allow ...

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This solution discusses mediated communications in organizations. Advantages, disadvantages, and other related factors are thoroughly discussed.

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Meditated Communication in Organizations, and it positive and negative effects in the workplace.

Mediated communication and social media (e.g., email, blogs, Facebook, Skype, and Twitter) have played a major role in changing the way that organizations engage in communication with their customers and with employees internally. Communicating through electronic media is referred to as mediated communication. There are pros and cons to using mediated communication in the work environment. How do you believe mediated communication has improved organizational communication? How has it hurt organizational communication? Provide examples to illustrate your point.

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