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    Virtual Communication

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    Could you please help answer these 2 questions?

    Are radios and television forms of mediated or non-mediated communication? (Examples)

    When using electronic and virtual communications, can body language and attitude be communicated, monitored or distinguished at all?

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    Are radios and television forms of mediated or non-mediated communication? (Examples)

    A mediated communication occurs when messages are transmitted through a medium. It is a common way of expressing oneself in another way other than by mouth. It is all around us and there are even if there are possibilities of misinterpretation by the receiver, it is so far the easiest to understand. Through this type of communication, people learn many things. A few examples of mediated communication include writing on a piece of paper, e-mail, web logs, radio, television, reading newspapers and magazines. Misunderstanding occurs in instances like receiving e-mails. Chances are that the receiver understands the meaning of the message sent by the sender in a totally different way because they only have words ...

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    Mediated and nonmediated communication definition and examples. References are included.