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Designing a Curriculum

Why would it be helpful, when designing curriculum, to have a clear set of goals and objectives before beginning the design and development. What is the difference between setting goals and setting objectives? Why learners should be made aware of the goals and objectives for each course or lesson. How would these items be presented to learners in a classroom?

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Having a clear set of goals and objects help to describe what the learner is expected to achieve as a result of the lesson. Objectives also help to direct the attention of the student and let them know what the teacher is attempting to teach the students. Goals help us focus on the big picture; however, from one goal, you can develop a set of related and very specific learning objectives (1). I like to think of goals as what is to be learned (long term) once everything is said and done.

An objective is measureable and describes will ...

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This solution discusses the differences between goals and objecti es when designing and development of lessons. Discusses why learners should be made aware of the goals and objectives, and how the learner should be informed of the objectives.