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    Podcast on Standardized Testing

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    Can you help me to summarize and critique this podcast (an interview with Bernard J. Wagenseller)? Also can you tell me some more questions that you might ask Mr. Wagenseller as a teacher yourself? Thanks!

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    Interview Questions:
    1. Are Standardized Tests going away?

    Standardized tests/testing is such a controversial topic; it's always a lively topic for communication/discussion. I had been a "victim" or participating in standardized testing since the 1960's as a student in grade school ...twice a year exams would come out which were typically rehearsed for us ...they came from outside the school building...in retrospect, they measured what we had learned.

    2. How has your view changed from the one who participated in it, to a teacher teaching students about standardized testing?

    ...it is good...I understand the stress students and teachers feel; they are important; they measure what we want students to know...but there is a tendency to be obsessed with data and statistics...standardized tests do not intend to rank teachers and schools; the intent was to help teachers through instruction...I don't think data falls short with what we can do positively with them...but the side effects are significant...

    3. How do you work with your teachers with the data that you get?

    There has always been a standardized testing on the technical side from the "outside of the building"...it's good to have an outsider who know the test...We take the data from various tests, and we do our best to apply the data in a way that teachers are able to get the perspectives or views as to how students perform on top of the curriculum; to see what the teacher hopes to teach and to see where the student are...

    4. ...If i make a plan, what do you suggest when so many of my students were not performing proficiently in standardized tests?

    ...each individual case ...

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    An interview on the value and wisdom of standardized testing. In includes opinions on what to do if students do not perform well in standardized tests and whether standardized testing is in conflict with teachers' academic freedom.