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Individually Administered Norm Referenced Cognitive and Achievement Tests

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Discuss your knowledge of individually administered, norm-referenced achievement tests. With which are you most familiar? Who is responsible for administering the tests? What academic areas do they measure?

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Individually administered norm-referenced cognitive and achievement tests have been used for identifying children who according to Gilman (2009),

(a) are experiencing learning difficulties, (b) qualify for gifted or specific talent programs (e.g., enrollment in a music or arts program), or (c) have emotional distress (e.g., depression, anxiety). Group based data specifically on a chosen index (e.g., standardized achievement scores, school drop-out rates) have also been compared across school districts and/or across states to focus on learning outcomes.

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Individually administered norm-referenced cognitive and achievement tests have been used for many reasons. According to Gilman, (2009) together with other methods such as norm-referenced tests (standardized tests) and assessment methods, achievement and cognitive tests have been utilized for (1) comparing same-age peers in intellectual functioning or academic standing (2) the capability to handle specific mental or academic tasks, bring about the diagnoses of learning disabilities, giftedness, or mental retardation, (3) eligibility for special education services. Cognitive and achievement tests give students ...

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