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Teaching reading to struggling students

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Many reading approaches have been used with intellectualyl disabled students. Choose one of the approaches that you think would be most successful in your class. Why did you choose this approach? If any, what disadvantages does this approach have?

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I would use a reading strategy for students with disabilities called the reading toolbox. This is where I allow the students to compose and actual toolbox that they are allowed to carry with them at all times that would teach them different strategies using picture cues.
These toolboxes are created as a small group and each time a new element is added to the toolbox it is discussed in depth and the children are taught how to use each component individually. The toolbox is just a manila folder that has some sort of picture of a toolbox on the front that can be folded. Inside of the toolbox is the picture cues and reminders for the students that they can refer to each time they are ...

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An approach to teaching reading the intellectually disabled students is explained.