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    The value of integrating writing in math lessons

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    What is the importance of utilizing writing in math and across the curriculum? Can you also develop an activity which incorporates a writing lesson into math? Consider the following: How would this lesson meet the needs of all learners? Why would this specific writing activity help students master the content? How will this be graded (i.e. rubric)? How will you incorporate writing into your math class on a regular basis?

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    This is a great question and if writing is incorporated into everything, then confidence, good communication skills and efficient writing skills will evolve. This writer has a journal for EVERY subject in classrooms. Students have a writing journal, reading journal, spelling journal, personal dictionary (where they add new words and very brief definitions), a science journal and of course, a math journal. It is a handy way to keep students organized and easy to grab and show progress if a parent comes in or an administrator wants to find a certain issue.

    The math journal is good for vocabulary words and comprehension of new concepts, which might be written in narrative form. Also, this writer has ALL classes, ...

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    Examples and value of including writing in math activities is discussed.