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    No Child Left Behind and Improvement of Instruction

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    Ever since No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, school reform has been at the forefront of affecting what happens directly in classrooms when it comes to instructional practices. What are several guiding principles that you feel would improve instruction in today's classrooms? Be sure to also provide justification for your selections.

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    NCLB has redirected the format of education in that schools are now cutting every corner, purchasing every program and technical aide to get the scores. There are so many more issues in this modern era that the unfortunate contrast of the earlier decades to this one has made instruction all but impossible. For instance, the economy, blended families, single parent homes, bilingual issues, competition with other distractions for students all make it so very difficult for teachers.

    The ones that have the most pressure and emphasis of the NCLB mantra are the very ones that are in such a tight ordeal of having an almost impossible task of bringing students at or close to grade level. Schools with families that can afford private tutoring, literature exposure, and other cross-cultural opportunities are less under the radar for compliance. However, those with low income, minority and related failing school issues continue to fail. The irony and unfortunate factor is that the trainers and authorities have a mis-notion that the fault is with the teachers and instruction. Where that focal point is an easy scapegoat of the bigger problem but more money more blame toward the frontline isn't necessarily the solution.

    Students need to feel a drive to go to school, ...

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    NCLB has redirected the format of education where cutting out important school practices and ethics along with purchasing programs and expensive assistance with hopes of improving standardized test scores is taking place.