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Reducing Bullying at School

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Consider the following scenario: The school board gave you permission to do a school-wide action research project designed to reduce bullying at your school. The board insisted that the results be widely disseminated. Your project was highly successful and you are pleased to 'spread the word'.

What audiences will you target and how would you present the results to each group (name at least 4 audiences)?

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The four audiences will be parents, the school board including administrators, children, and fellow teachers at a teaching conference to be determined in the future.

For parents the presentation would be done in a multi-purpose way wherein the use of Power-Point and experts from the research group would inform the parents of their role in preventing bullying by observing the signs that their kids are potentially being bullied or are potential bullies themselves by observing social media that their kids engage in at home, monitoring any signs of changes in their ...

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The expert determines how to reduce bullying at school.

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Ideas for a hypothetical work program are generated.

1. What would be a hypothetical program that you may be able to develop and implement in your current or future place of work (e.g., a bullying prevention program for elementary school students). What would be the specific criteria you would consider during the stage of program evaluation? In other words, how would you determine whether the program you implemented really worked?

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