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    Bullying:Definition,Types,Relational Aggression among Girls

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    I am looking for a four page intro to different types of bullying. It needs to include Relational aggression among girls. How it effect academic , personal and social success It is also mentioned as bullying. Teasing, cyberbullying, gossip, tormenting,rumors,social exclusion. It also goes into hoe it causes depression attendance, low academic performance and suicide. Also looking at state laws in each state on bullying. Want to focus on the school climate as it relates to relational aggression among girls.

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    Bullying is a kind of abuse that affects the target at an emotional, physical and mental level. The types can be either verbal, physical or emotional/mental and it is a form of social and physical abuse that repeats itself over time where a real or perceived imbalance of power between the bullying individual or group and their target/targets are driven by a form of coercion or abuse of power to the detriment of the targets and the satisfaction of the ones abusing them. In schools and the workplace it is also known as peers abuse or intimidation. The psychological manipulation that drives the act or is the intended result of the act can have some serious devastating consequences among its victims. Bullying and intimidation is expected to happen in a multicultural social setting and is one of the main factors of migration. In schools and in workplaces, bullying has become a real concern in the US and some states have enacted laws to criminalize and control this negative social phenomenon. While I have related earlier the general types, a more itemized typology list 6 and they are as follows:

    1. Physical Bullying - any physical contact that targets the victim for the purpose of hurting or inflicting pain and abuse. Additionally, destruction of another's property where physical contact and release of aggression occurs also falls under this category.

    2. Verbal Bullying - name calling, verbal intimidation, making offensive remarks including one that discriminates, threatens and shows or even hints at abuse and aggression. This is usually the most common case in schools and workplaces.

    3. Indirect Bullying - while not directly bullying the target by spreading rumours and manipulating any environment or situation to abuse and hurt someone or a group is indirect bullying.

    4. Social Alienation/Exclusion - by working towards excluding an individual or a group of people or purpose via intimidation, false allegations and forms of manipulation, a bully can hurt his/her target and cause them to feel marginalized and targeted.

    5. Intimidation - by frightening or threatening their targets, bullies can coerce their targets to do what they want for their own advantage. In schools, the easiest example is bullies forcing meeker kids to give them their lunch money.

    6. Cyber bullying - a development in the digital age, the use of electronic media to hurt, intimidate and ...

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    The solution presents a comprehensive discussion of Bullying - first, this negative social phenomenon is defined and 6 typologies are introduced. Then Relational Aggression/Bullying among girls is discussed and the tragic suicide of 16 year-old Phoebe Prince is used as a case study. The solution also includes a list of applicable laws pertaining to bullying for the purpose of prevention and punishment. The solution follows the APA-format and sums up to 1,622 words. References are listed. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.