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    Managing conflicts in the classroom

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    Summarize one observed conflict or challenging behavior. Be specific without using specific names or other identifying information and include the following:

    1. Description of the conflict or challenging behavior;
    2. Description of the conflict management, interventions, or other strategies that were used;
    3. Analysis of the teacher response to the situation and the outcome; and
    4. Description of an alternative strategy to manage the conflict or challenging behavior. Give a rationale.

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    An example of a challenging behavior deals with dismissal. In the situation, several students do all they can on a daily basis to try and leave early. One in particular lies, uses persistent excuses to get permission to leave early and even in several occasions simply walks out. With potential chaos already present at the end of the day, with others moving about, collecting items to go home, more chatter and other distractions, this boy has been successful, despite notes to the parent and even meetings about the issues with the ...

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    Managing conflicts and challenging behavior of students, with an example, is discussed.