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Team building research

Help with team building areas is given.

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As you look at these areas, please allow my notes and supplemental research links as a starting point since I do not know which type of team is emphasized here:

A) Please think about creating rubrics or assessment sheets for workers to rate themselves, each other, or for supervisors to employ for performance criteria. By developing various assessment methods, workers are able to overcome threats to productivity. Research cites that "Your team may find it helpful to collect data on the quantity of work (e.g., number of transactions, traffic, etc.). However, the intent in this instance is to link your measures to the customer's requirements. Therefore, you may find it useful to consider various criteria that customers consider important, such as:

?Responsiveness - timeliness, follow-up, follow-through
?Availability - accessibility, ease in making contact, coverage
?Performance - accuracy, capacity, turn-around time
?Quality - reliability (up-time), dependability, level of expertise
?Functionality - ease of use, compatibility, security, flexibility" (http://web.mit.edu/ist/competency/guide/template.html).

B) Again, it is valuable for teams to collaboratively develop systems to assess how they will get paid, types of bonuses or incentives, and other facets of compensation and performance appraisals. Research also adds that various elements make ...

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Notes and supplemental research about teams are given.