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Quick and Decisive Reactions to Poor Management Plans

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Please tell us about a time that you witnessed a manager respond quickly and decisively to the implementation of a poor improvement management plan.

How can morale be monitored and assessed throughout the improvement process?

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How morale can be monitored and assessed throughout the improvement process is determined.

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This is a very good question! As you know, "A performance improvement plan is a formal process used by supervisors to help employees improve performance or modify behavior. The performance improvement plan, or PIP, as it is sometimes called, identifies performance and/or behavioral issues that need to be corrected and creates a written plan of action to guide the improvement and/or corrective action" (Performance Improvement Plan).

I worked in many places over the years that did a poor job of identifying performance and behavior issues and developing a plan of action to correct the problem. One unparticular was a summer job that I had working for an office supply company. The owner was partially retired living in Florida and trusting his new son-in-law to run the operations in his absence. The son-in-law was about as poor of a leader as one could be, and the business quickly lost a ton of revenue, employee morale, and any kind of structure. His favorite activity was to openly and loudly reprehend employees in front of everyone including customers using fowl language and inappropriate comments. So it was no surprise that the business soon was in danger of closing. To make a long story short, the owner eventually ...

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