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    Essential Qualities of a Leader

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    State the essential qualities of leadership.

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    Management scholars Peterson and Flowman have attributed leadership qualities into three divisions. They are a) Physical b) Intellectual and c) Psychological

    a) Physical qualities- it articulates about the importance of the leadership to be efficient and emphasizes that a leader must influence his followers. It further states that a leader must possess the following qualities in order to be efficient and able.

    1) Sound Health: To full fill various important responsibilities he must be in good health. This influences persons who come in his contact. The saying proves that a sound body possesses sound brain.

    2) Vitality and Endurance: Vitality means carefulness, awareness, while endurance means working with courage especially during difficult times. For a Leader both these ...

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    The solution presents a comprehensive picture of what a leader should be by discussing the essential qualities of leadership.