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When to Issue a Product Recall?

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As you will be a future corporate officer, when would you issue a recall of a product that you had conclusive evidence had injured or killed people, and support your response with an explanation of the decision making process that you would personally apply.

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You need to issue a recall for the product as soon as you have conclusive evidence of serious injury or death. This has been evident most recently with GM's Cobalt, a situation in which GM is now recalling 2.6 million cars-after deaths have been reported and corporate management has been shamed in front of Congress. There is now talk of criminal charges to be filed against the company (Wiseman, 2014). As a representative of the company you are legally and morally obligated to investigate all ...

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This solution addresses when it is appropriate to issue a product recall that one had conclusive evidence it had killed or harmed people; includes decision making process to be used. Offers examples and APA formatted references.